Wood Flooring Alternatives

Stone Tile Solution

Watch any home improvement or home-buying television show and it becomes apparent that a significant number of home buyers and home owners look for wood flooring, and for good reason. There are many perks of having wood flooring installed in your home. Among which include warmth, durability, ease of maintenance and the ability to add value to your home.

However, wood floors aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If they are not your preference, don’t worry. There are many other flooring alternatives that offer lasting beauty and durability, and many at a fraction of the cost of wood flooring.


Tiles are a popular wood flooring alternative that can be made from any number of materials like stone, ceramic, marble and more. Marble aside, the tile floors can be easy to care for and clean without the harsh chemicals and cumbersome equipment usually needed for floors with carpeting for example.

Modern Laminate

Laminate flooring was viewed as being a second-tier flooring option that was poorly constructed and would not last. This was in  fact true for a while. However, flooring manufacturers have drastically improved the quality of the process and modern laminate flooring closely resembles the look of natural wood these days. It can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear, which is great for families with small children and individuals who entertain friends and family on a regular basis.

Concrete Flooring Options 

Poured concrete flooring is a durable flooring option and is commonly found in contemporary homes and urban lofts because of its rugged and industrial features. However, concrete flooring can be scored and painted to fit a number of design schemes.

Other Alternatives To Wood Flooring 

Other materials making an impact in the flooring industry are bamboo and cork. Bamboo is an extremely tough and durable material that is very affordable when compared to traditional wood flooring. Because bamboo is abundant, grows quickly and is easy to harvest, this helps to keep the price down. Cork flooring is also an increasingly popular flooring option because it is affordable and easy on the joints because of its supportive, but slightly yielding nature.

Check out the gallery below for examples of wood flooring solutions.

12 Photos of the Wood Flooring Alternatives

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