How To Identify Victorian Homes

White Color Old Victorian Houses

Elements of Victorian House Architecture Plans

Victorian homes first came about in the 1830’s during the Industrial Revolution. This type of architecture was very common among in the United Kingdom and British colonies at the time. Today, Victorian style homes and architecture can be seen all around the world.

How do you spot a Victorian home? Here are a few things to observe when trying to identify a Victorian home.

1. Bay window. Bay windows are those windows that literally stick out from the wall.

2. Column. The columns are usually used to hold the roof in place, and are usually situated on the porch area.

3Clapboard. This is a narrow wooden board that is usually used on the side of the house.

4. Dormer. This refers to a window that is a part of the main roof of the house, however, this window happens to also have its own roof.

5. Gable. The gable is the triangular part at the end of the house that is usually formed by the two sides of the sloping roof.


Old victorian houses for sale

Take a look at these images of Victorian homes we have collected. See if you are able to spot any of the five elements mentioned above. In addition, let us know what other things you typically look out for when trying to identify a Victorian home.


32 Photos of the How To Identify Victorian Homes

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