Unusual Decorative Details In Bathroom

Decorative Details in Bathroom 10

Your bathroom can have its own individual character, as long as you identify the appropriate decorative details in bathroom decor options available. Here are some great ideas to assist you in creating a unique bathroom.

Choose furniture pieces that are different from the norm. A dresser that is simple, yet spectacular in architectural detail will not only become the focal point of your bathroom, but will also provide additional storage for linen and extra toiletries.

A large statement mirror with intricate details around the frame is great for creating the illusion of space, while helping to add interest to the bathroom. A mirror with a gold frame, for example, is luxurious, elegant and perfect for a contemporary or modern bathroom.

For your wash basin, consider installing one that has a glass or copper finish, and that will complement the other decorative pieces in the bathroom. Finish up the wash basin with faucets to match. A number of retailers offer a wide range of bathroom faucets that are unique and stylish.

Bathroom tiles are another area where unusual decorative elements can be explored. Tiles may be mixed to form interesting designs, or used with other elements to create something spectacular.

What unusual decorative details have you added to your bathroom? How do they influence the overall look and feel of your bathroom?

11 Photos of the Unusual Decorative Details In Bathroom

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