Small Space Kitchen Ideas

small space kitchen remodel ideas

Small space kitchen ideas are great for obtaining inspiration for updating your own kitchen.  Here are a few tips and ticks to make a small kitchen appear larger.

1. Think about how you will organize items in the kitchen. Proper organization will assist you to make the best use of the space. Use a paper and pencil or the relevant computer program to assist you with coming up with the the best design.

2. Plan for storage. Storage is an important element in every kitchen. Install cabinets to the ceiling to maximize all the space available.

3. Maximize natural light. If natural light is available, be sure to design your kitchen in such a way that you will receive the maximum amount of natural light. A well-lit, airy kitchen will help to make the space bright and appear larger than it really is.

4. Choose versatile pieces. Try to incorporate pieces that are versatile. For example, use auxiliary carts that provide storage on the sides and extra work space on top.

5. Stick to neutral tones. Choose light colors for tiles, wall paint and furniture. The lighter the colors, the more spacious the kitchen will feel. A glossy wall finish will reflects more light.

6. Organize the cabinets. Think carefully not just about your current needs, but also your future needs. Consider using removable shelves to make space for taller items in the future, and rotating baskets that will allow access to the entire small space kitchen ideas cabinet.

7. Invest in sorting accessories. The interior organization of the cabinet is another element often overlooked. Think about how you will sort the contents for easy access in the future – for example, pivots for dishes and racks for cutlery.

8. Invest in compact appliances. When outfitting a mini kitchen, the compact appliances are an excellent choice because they offer the same benefits as the standard appliances, but occupy less space.

9.  Be wise when shopping for cooking equipment. Invest in cooking equipment that will give you good bang for your buck. Instead of buying three to four different pieces, try to find a stove that has an oven and also a grill.

10. Purchase two-in-one appliances. Combination appliances such as a washer and dryer are recommend in kitchens and homes where space is limited.

Check out these small space kitchen ideas and let us know which ones are your favorite.

12 Photos of the Small Space Kitchen Ideas

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