Small Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid

Small Kitchen Concept

The reality is that  living space is limited, especially in the large cities. If you own or rent a small apartment, the onus is on you to try to improve the space to make it as comfortable as possible. Although your powers will be somewhat limited as a renter, you can still find ways to make your small kitchen design less of a headache.

If you are own a home with a small kitchen and wish to remodel it, try to avoid making these mistakes the second time around.

  1. Appliance overload. Do you really need to have a microwave, toaster oven, blender, juice extractor, food processor, rice cooker, kettle, Panini press and coffee maker on the kitchen counter? If your kitchen is small, you must find a way to keep your countertops free of clutter from small appliances. Tuck them away in the cupboards if you have space, or buy only the appliances that are absolutely necessary.
  2. Bulky appliances. The flip side of having too many small appliances is using bulky appliances in your small kitchen design. If you really do not have the space, be smart about your choice of appliances. You can sacrifice the large refrigerator if a smaller one will give you more counter space and room to move freely in the kitchen. You will simply need to make better decisions as it relates to stuffing the refrigerator with too many unnecessary items.
  3. Not maximizing the space above the counter. In a small kitchen, every inch of square footage is important. It is therefore important to use a cupboard design that will use up all the space above the counter, all the way up to the ceiling. This will give you added storage and is ideal for storing those items that you rarely use.
  4. Leaving your dish rack full of plates. Remove all dry plates from your dish rack or dish drainer and put them in their rightful place. If the dish rack is crowded with plates, pots and utensils, it will cause the kitchen to appear even smaller. The same goes for a sink full of dirty plates. In addition to being unhealthy and untidy, a sink full of plates in a small kitchen will make the space even more miserable.
  5. Not adding fresh elements to the décor. Regardless of how small your kitchen is, you should make space for either a small plant or a bowl of fresh fruits. If you prefer, a small container of fresh herbs will work just fine.

Below are a few images of ideas for small kitchen design. Share your tips and tricks about how to survive in a small kitchen with our other readers.

12 Photos of the Small Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid

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