Shower Head Design Ideas

Shower Head Design Ideas

Some individuals enjoy taking long hot baths while others enjoy a cold shower. How can you improve the quality of your shower and the overall value of your bathroom? Outside of the usual shower head that offers multiple spray options and speeds, shower heads are now being engineered with conservation in mind. For example, the aerating shower head mixes air and water to give the illusion of an enhanced water pressure, when in fact, less water is being used.

Here are a few things you should know about the shower head and the various types that are available on the market.

Wall mounted. The wall mounted shower head is among the most common. It is affixed to the wall and can be adjusted at different angles and often offers a variety of spray modes.

Top mounted. This shower head is mounted in the ceiling, causing the water to flow directly from above.

Handheld. This shower head can be removed from wherever it is affixed and usually has a long enough cord attached for easy use in the shower. In some cases, the handheld shower head is a part of a larger piece that is mounted on the wall or ceiling. This is great for bathing small children and pets.

Sliding bar. The sliding bar shower head is the solution for bathrooms that are used by a number of different individuals of varying heights. This will allow each occupant to adjust the height of the shower as they see fit.

Shower panel system.  This is an intricate system that is set up to distribute the water pressure in the areas most needed. Water jets through the system to cover just about every area of the body as required.

Caring for your shower head

Regardless of the price you paid for your shower head, you should try to protect it. Protecting your shower head can involve simply placing it back on the holder after use, or getting a filter. The shower filter offers a number of benefits such as:

  • Helping to reduce exposure to chlorine and other potentially harmful chemicals
  • Improving respiratory health and increasing energy levels
  • Softer and healthier looking skin and hair

Now that you are aware of the fact that a simple change in the shower head used in your bathroom can improve the quality of life you enjoy, are you motivated to get a new shower head?

Check out these awesome shower heads in the gallery below.

12 Photos of the Shower Head Design Ideas

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