Colorful Kitchen Design Ideas

all white kitchen with orange accents

A kitchen does not have to be boring and colorless, as indicated by these amazing kitchen design ideas. Bright colors such as red, orange and green can be used to bring life to your kitchen, in a fun and interesting way.

Here a number of different ways you can add color to your kitchen.

1. Use bright colored paint on the walls. Painting the walls of your kitchen is a great way to add some color for a small amount of money. One of the benefits of painting the walls is that the color can easily be changed if for some reason you do not like the new color, or which to change things up a bit after a year or so.

2. Paint your cupboards. Although this is drastic move, the painted cupboards will be vibrant and fun. Use more than one coat of paint to achieve the desired hue. If you are so inclined, use more than one color for greater contrast.

3. No set of colorful kitchen design ideas would be complete without colorful furniture. Use stools, chairs, tables and free-standing cabinets that are brightly colored in your bold kitchen design. Many retailers already sell colorful furniture, so if you are looking to change out your kitchen, you should be able to find the colors you need. If you wish to recycle your old furniture, a bucket of paint from your local hardware store will help you to bring those old pieces to life.

4. Gone are the days of stainless steel and cast iron pots in only one or two colors. You can now find a plethora of colorful pots and pans on the market. The same goes for appliances such as blenders and microwaves.

How do you feel about brightly colored kitchens? Which color would you use in your kitchen design?

12 Photos of the Colorful Kitchen Design Ideas

all white kitchen with orange accentsRed Kitchenskitchencolorful kitchen design ideascolorful kitchenbright pink kitchenbright kitchen cabinets pastelsbright kitchen cabinetsbright green kitchenblue kitchenblack pink kitchenamazing contemporary colorful kitchen interior

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