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Caring for round rugs

Rugs that are generally round in shape are quite common in the living room and dining room. They are perfect for use if the dining table and coffee table in the room are circular; you will have a difficult time trying to fit a square dining table on a round rug. Smaller rugs are sometimes used in the bedroom and in some luxurious bathrooms.  So how do you care for round braided rugs?

Regardless of the price you paid for your round area rugs,  caring for them is important. Here are some quick tips on how to care for your area rugs.

1. Keep the pets away! Pet hairs can cause the strands of your rug to be woven together, creating unsightly lumps that are neither nice to look a nor walk on.

2. Pay attention to the cleaning instructions. The tag on the rug will provide information about how to go about cleaning the rug. Some manufacturers may recommend spot cleaning, while others will recommend steam cleaning or machine wash.

3. Keep your receipts. It you have bought an authentic and expensive rug, ensure that you preserve the receipt. If you decide the sell the rug in the future, the receipt may help to verify the rug’s authenticity. The receipt may also be needed for insurance and tax filing purposes.

4. Protect the tags on your round rugs.For the same reasons mentioned in numbers two and three above, ensure that the tags on your round rugs are always protected.

Tropical Border Round Area Rugs


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