Revamp Your Home With Alternative Flooring

Design For Concrete Floor

When it comes to choosing alternative flooring for your home, you may be quite surprised at the number of choices available to you. To make it simpler for you, you need to consider unconventional materials, or those which you don’t usually see being used for flooring. If you wish to go green, in that case, you can be opened up to a wide array of even more ideas. The basic concept behind green alternative flooring would be to use ecological and renewable materials. Below are some of the alternative options for flooring.

Cork Flooring Ideas

Yes, we are talking about the cork from champagne and wine bottles. This material is manufactured from the bark from cork oak tress. Using this form of flooring does no harm to the tree if it is done correctly. The tree can grow back easily and this is why cork is regarded as a sustainable resource. Floors made from cork can be charming. However, if you are looking to purchase cork flooring , you need to be wary of its unique characteristics. One thing to note is that cork flooring is not suitable for bathrooms.

Bamboo Flooring Ideas

Most people don’t know this, but bamboo isn’t an actual wood. It is a very large grass. Since it is renewable and can grow quite fast, it has gained widespread attention as being an impressive type of alternative flooring. It is durable, water-resistant, anti-bacterial, and hard. It is also quite easy to install.

Other Alternative Flooring Options 

Plywood – Plywood can provide you with a plethora of design possibilities. It is cheap and extremely versatile. As such, it can be utilized as an affordable, yet creative option for your alternative flooring.

Concrete – Concrete as a flooring material doesn’t necessarily have to look industrial and cold. It can also be touched up with polish or stained to look quite warm. Concrete is easier to look after and quite affordable when compared to other types of flooring. For this reason, you should consider it as a strong option for your alternative flooring.

Check out these examples in the gallery below.

12 Photos of the Revamp Your Home With Alternative Flooring

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