Reasons To Consider Home Depot Tool Rental

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Home Depot is known for its extensive collection of tools and hardware products for sale. But did you know that Home Depot tool rental is also available? Customers and companies can choose to rent tools and heavy duty equipment  instead of buying them to work on their large and small projects.  Tools can be rented for as little as four hours, a day, week or even a month.

If the tool is damaged while in your care, Home Depot offers Damage Protection which will allow you to go into the store for a replacement. The cost of the repair will then be handled by Home Depot. Most of the items available for rent will fit easily in the back of most trucks and cars.

Home Depot Tools Rental List

Home Depot offers a variety of tools for rent in almost every category of home improvement. Items range from professional heavy duty equipment to small hand-held tools.  The items on the Home Depot tool rental list include equipment for:

  • Floor care and sanding items such as carpet staplers and floor stripping tools
  • Trucks for transporting items to the your home of office
  • Lawn and garden care tools such as leaf blowers, trenchers and wheelbarrows
  • Plumbing-related items such as pipe cutters and drain cleaners
  • Restoration and remediation equipment such as mold foggers and carpet blowers
  • Cutting and concrete tools such as concrete vibrators and cement mixers
  • Demolition equipment including bolt cutters and floor strippers
  • Painting and wall rentals such as sanders and drywall lift
  • Moving items for rent such as loading ramps utility trailers
  • Fastening and welding equipment such as air compressors
  • Ladders and scaffolding items
  • General construction
  • Power light and heat equipment such as pressure washers and generators

In addition to Home Depot tool rental, customers can have their own tools repaired at the store. This is truly a one-stop-shop experience for professional carpenters and everyday users of tools, as well as the novice homeowner who enjoys simple DIY projects on the weekend.

Renting Tools Versus Buying Tools

Why choose to rent tools instead of buying them? Renting tools is often much more economical and is ideal for situations where the tool is only needed for a specific task for a short period of time. Renting will also allow you to have access to a wider variety of tools that would be too expensive if you were to buy them all.

The Home Depot Tool Rental Centers are usually open seven days per week. The hours of operation are usually similar to the store hours, so be sure to confirm the store hours in your area.

What are your thoughts on renting tools from Home Depot? Do you think Home Depot tool rental is beneficial? Share your thoughts with us.

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