Spectacular Architectural Lighting

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Architectural lighting is an interesting mixture of science and art which features designers using to create amazing showpieces both indoor and outdoor. For the residential homeowner, architectural lighting may be incorporated into the design of the house, or other elements around the house. For example, architectural area lighting may be used to illuminate a swimming pool, pond, lawn […]

Characteristics Of Gothic Architecture

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Gothic architecture is simply not for everyone. This style of architecture is said to have originated in Europe, specifically in France. It came about in the late medieval period and was an offshoot of Romanesque architecture. Gothic styles were very common between the 12th and 16 Century, and include elements such as a ribbed vaults, flying […]

Columbus Indiana Architecture Tour

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Columbus Indiana architecture has literally made the city famous. Despite being a relatively small city with a population of just over 45,000, Columbus offers visitors the chance to check out its architecture and public art. The Columbus Indiana architecture tours are so popular, visitors are asked to make their reservations up to three weeks in advance. […]

How To Identify Victorian Homes

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Elements of Victorian House Architecture Plans Victorian homes first came about in the 1830’s during the Industrial Revolution. This type of architecture was very common among in the United Kingdom and British colonies at the time. Today, Victorian style homes and architecture can be seen all around the world. How do you spot a Victorian home? […]

Barn House Plans For Cool Barn Homes

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City living involves apartments and condominiums. On the other hand, suburban  and urban living involves grande estates and barn houses.  Barn home plans can offer land owners an opportunity to construct amazing barn homes. Barn houses typically feature a great deal of wood and are usually rustic and uncomplicated in their design. Although barn houses tend […]

Amazing Aztec Architecture

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The Aztec tribe originated in central Mexico and are known for their strong cultural and religious influences. Aztec architecture during the early years featured houses that were predominantly made from wood and loam, and the roofs of these houses were made from reed. A strong part of Aztec architecture involves pyramids, temples and palaces, which were generally made from stone. […]