Interior Door Sizes – Standard Interior French Doors

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Interior doors play an important role in maintaining privacy, but also add to the overall decor of the house. Gone are the days when interior doors were plain, boring and lacking character. In addition to doors made from wood and similar materials, glass is becoming increasingly popular. Glass doors have the benefit of helping parents to keep their […]

Cool Garage Conversion Plans And Ideas

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If you have a growing family, there will be need for you to create additional living spaces at some point. Garage conversion could be the solution to increasing the space in the home.  You can work with a contractor and designer to work out a plan for your garage, or you can tackle the project on […]

Advantages Of Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

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Reasons Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Is Best Garage floor coating is commonly used to improve the aesthetics of the floor in the garage. Epoxy is one of the most common coating usually applied to garage floors in homes and also commercially. Below are some of the advantages of using epoxy flooring. Seamless and easy to maintain. Epoxy paint creates […]

Best Epoxy Garage Floor Covering Ideas

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Garage floor covering options are vast. Whether your garage is new or recently remodeled, one of your toughest decisions will be to decide which floor covering is ideal. One of the critical things to bear in mind is that you should choose a covering that will best suit your home design and existing decor. You certainly […]

Beautiful And Stylish Fireplace Candelabra

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Jazzing Up A Home With Fireplace Candelabras In most homes, the fireplace is an important source of heat. The fireplace is handy for  family gatherings and is an awesome place to find some serenity. In the winter, the fireplace is widely used to warm up the room as the temperature outside drops. The fireplace candelabra is a perfect […]

Exterior Paint Colors For The House

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A coat of paint on the exterior of your house will do wonders for the property. Exterior paint colors will instantly give the house a face lift. Even if no work is done inside, repainting the exterior of the house will improve the overall curb appeal. What are some of the things to consider when choosing exterior […]