Are Your Windows Ready For The Summer Heat

DIY Window PanesVintage Home WindowsFloor to Ceiling Windows PictureVintage Window TipsSaving Power with Windows

While getting yourself a tan in the summer sun on the beach or by the pool might seem like a fun option, the heat of the sun in your home is not a very pleasant feeling. That of course, depends on where you live. Even in the US, there are areas that are yearning to catch a glimpse […]

8 Easy Weekend Summer DIY Projects

Build a Beautiful Tree BenchGrow Your Fruits and Veggies EasilyPlay Areas for Your Backyar

What’s the use of a backyard if you can’t enjoy it during summer? These great outdoor projects will not only enhance your yard, but beautify your outdoor living space and give everyone in the family something exciting to do. Choose your favorite from the list and make sure that your backyard is ready for the coming summer […]

The Best Flower Garden Tips

Shape and Size of the GardenFlowers and FoliageIncorporate HardscapeFocal PointsChoose Your Flowers

Adding a beautifully landscaped garden is not only perfect for summer, but it is a great idea for all year-round beautiful gardens. Here are a few flower garden tips to create beautiful garden that will definitely add value to your home. Choose the Right Flowers The best flower garden designs incorporate several types of blooms, including long-living […]

5 Spring Landscaping Ideas

Add Height to the GardenMake Your Own Garden SpotGrow Delicious HerbsDrama can be Created with PlantsGarden Textures

Now that spring is here, gardening, landscaping and increasing your curb appeal is on most people’s minds. Your geographic location, as well as the type of soil and plants that are native to your region, will of course determine the spring landscaping projects you will be willing to take on. Here are five amazing landscaping ideas […]

10 Great Summer Decor Ideas

Add an Outdoor Dining SetupGarden Decor with Tiki-Torch AchorsSand Centerpieces for Your TablesBeautiful Deck Chair DesignsOutdoor Modern Table Arrangements

With summer around the corner, there are many wonderful outdoor decorating ideas that you can implement in and around your home.  Depending on the space you have available, you can brighten up any outdoor area and add wonderful decorative ideas that will not only impress your guests, but allow you to make the most out […]

Creative DIY Projects For Decorating Outdoors

Beaded Hanging Plant HoldersAdd Twigbeds to Your GardenWalkways are Ideal for SummerFirepits are Pefect for Your OutdoorsBottled Borders in Your Garden

The outdoors are just so enjoyable, especially during the summer months. You have been yearning all winter to get to the summer, when you will be able to transform your outdoor spaces into something beautiful. Here are a few creative DIY projects that you can try out this summer. You do not need to be a […]