Oriental Rugs: Caring For Your Antique Persian Carpet

Oriental Round Persian Rug

Oriental rugs are a great addition to any home. They are elegant, sophisticated, and the intricate design details are amazing to look at. Collectors and rug enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars on rugs for their homes. They often consider these rugs an investment and go through great lengths to ensure that they are protected at all costs. So how should you care for your oriental rugs? Here a few tips to protect your investment.

  • Proper storage is an important part of rug maintenance. At the end of the season when you wish to switch up your rugs or simply change your decor for the season, have the rug professionally cleaned and wrapped. Store the rug in a climate-controlled  area to prevent potential damage.
  • Take care of your rug tags. The tag helps to validate the authenticity of the rug, so be sure to protect the ones on your rug. Do not remove them for any reason whatsoever.
  • Another important reason to protect your tags is that they contain the relevant instructions for cleaning and caring for the rug. Some rugs may be spot-cleaned, while others may be dry-cleaned or laundered. Some rugs may contain dyes that will bleed, so paying close attention to the instructions on the rug as it relates to oriental rug cleaning is critical.
  • Where possible, train pets to stay off the rug. A buildup of pet hair on the rug is difficult to remove and could damage the rug while trying to have the hair removed. Fortunately, oriental rug repair can assist in making damaged rugs look brand new.

Chinese Handmade Oriental Silk Rug In addition to the tips above, try to keep your rug away from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause the colors to fade. Where possible,use adequate drapes and curtains to  protect your Persian carpet from the sunlight.

How do you care for your antique oriental rugs?

15 Photos of the Oriental Rugs: Caring For Your Antique Persian Carpet

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