Options For Decorating The Walls In Children’s Rooms

decorating walls of nursery

A room for a boy or a girl is a special place that must be visually appealing for them to enjoy the space. Decorating the walls in a fun manner is a great way to get them involved in the decorating process. Here are some options to decorate the walls using paint and vinyl.

Paint a mural

Murals are very traditional, and they never go out of style. There are two options for having a mural done on a wall. Murals can either be painted by hand, or, a printed mural can be mounted. No doubt, the first alternative can be much more elaborate and laborious. Painting  will require a lot of patience and talent for the project to be a success. When decorating the walls, there are techniques to simplify the painting process. This can be achieved by using stencils or painting the mural from an image projected on the wall.

Place stickers on the walls

Stickers are an easy and convenient way to decorate any space, especially a nursery. VinilosInfantiles.com offers a vast collection of special stickers for the nurseries such as vinyl fairy animals or storybook characters. Also, there are name stickers than can be custom-made with the name of your child in almost any size required.

Use chalkboard paint

An alternative which will get the kids involved in decorating the walls is to use chalkboard paint. This is a special paint used to draw and write.  It is available in a number of different colors and is easily erased. This paint is not only available in black, but also in gray, blue, green and other colors depending on the manufacturer.

Painting with magnetic paint

Magnetic paint will allow you to stick items on the walls such as posters, photographs and other light objects easily without damaging the wall or item. The paint  contains iron powder, a metal that has magnetic qualities, and is capable of holding paper or any other lightweight object.

Are you ready for decorating the walls? Which of these ideas appeal to you the most?

12 Photos of the Options For Decorating The Walls In Children’s Rooms

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