Makeover Tips for a Dream Bathroom

Toilet Seat Ideas

There are still many people who rush straight to the bathroom when they first go to look at a house for rent or to buy. Unappealing bathroom styles have been the reason for rejection of many houses on the market for sale or rent. That is because the bathroom is also a place to unwind when you need it. Moreover, since we know that there are some dirty elements inside the bathroom, a poorly-maintained bathroom feels disgusting. Even if it is just rust and mold. If your bathroom is starting to look like that, it is time to take the cue from some modern bathrooms and incorporate some bathroom design ideas in your own home. It need not always cost the world; often the simplest of changes make a startling difference.

  • Clean and Paint – This is the basic step in a bathroom makeover. Often the dirty tiles and peeling or faded paint is the prime culprit for making the bathroom look dated. Get down to cleaning the tiles thoroughly; you will find plenty of cleaning materials in the market. The task will no doubt be strenuous, but if you do it yourself, you can save a lot of money which can then be used elsewhere. Even the painting can be done on your own. Stick to pastels, and light colors for creating appealing small bathroom designs. They make the area look bigger and create a soothing atmosphere.
  • Change the Lighting – If you still have the outdated incandescent, it is time for it to go. You can opt for modern light fixtures or use LEDs for that soft diffused lighting we love in the hotel bathrooms. Rather than opting for all overhead lighting, use some accent lighting, for example a line of LED lights around the vanity mirror. It gives a makeup room kind of effect.
  • The Faucets and the Sink – An old-looking sink can ruin the look of the entire bathroom. Choose from the multitude of bathroom design ideas, and pick an interesting sink and faucet. You can even use a different colored sink than what you already have. They are easier to maintain and look different as well. But make sure the color is used elsewhere in the bathroom as well; you do not want the sink to look out of place.
  • The All-Important Toilet – This is undoubtedly most important element in the bathroom. That is why it is even more important to keep it sparkly clean. You could change the toilet if you feel the need, but it is no doubt expensive. For a quick perk-up, you can change the toilet seat and lid. You can add some bright colors here, but again, it needs to be cohesive.

When remodeling the bathroom, it is very easy to change the different elements but if they do not complement each other, it is no use. Even if you make the changes over an extended period of time, it is necessary to create planned bathroom layouts beforehand and stick to the plan.

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