Studio Living Bathroom Integration

Living in a bathroom

Studio apartments are small, and may not be for everyone. Most individuals like their space, but end up living in studio apartments as a result of circumstance – working away from home; inexpensive living option; property availability. Regardless of the reason, the challenge in studio living bathroom integration is finding a way to make everything work to create a comfortable space.

Here are some quick tips on how to make your studio space comfortable:

  1. Avoid using partitions. A much as you would like to have your sleeping space separated from your lounging area, kitchen and bathroom, resist the temptation to use bulky partitions and blinds to segment the space. The partitions will cause the room to feel cramped and uncomfortable.
  2. Keep everything in its place. Untidiness is one of the surest ways to cause a studio unit to feel cluttered and small. Once you have completed your design and worked out where each item should be placed, avoid leaving things that are not in use out of place. Pack away pots and pans when not in use, place used clothes and towels in the laundry, and of course, keep your personal items and toiletries properly organized in the bathroom.
  3. Cleanliness is key. Outside of making sure everything is in its rightful place, you must ensure that your studio living bathroom integration will not make you miserable. You must keep your bathroom tidy. Use storage solutions for your toiletries and other products, keep the washbasin and counter clean, and most importantly, ensure that your bath tub or shower is spotless. The same goes for your kitchen area and other parts of the unit. A clean space will help to take your mind off the size of the space.
  4. Choose appropriate furniture and accessories. Although the space is limited, the right furniture and accessories will help to make the space attractive and help to keep you organized.
  5. Keep the decor theme consistent. Try not to have too many different themes throughout the unit. If you start off with a modern design, follow through with that design theme in all areas of the house. A mixture of themes will cause confusion and make the studio living bathroom integration untenable.

What would you do to make your living space more comfortable if you lived in a studio unit? Share your thoughts with us!


12 Photos of the Studio Living Bathroom Integration

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