Say Goodbye To Boring Exterior And Interior Doors

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If you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, should you judge a house by its door? Doors come in a number of sizes, shapes, colors and designs. Exterior and interior doors do not have to be simple and boring. How can you make a statement with your door? Start with the size of the door. Large, double doors are not only palatial, but they provide a large canvas to create elaborate designs.

If you are able to find a good craftsman, he should be able to bring your design to life. Some hardware stores also stock a wide variety of doors that you will be able to choose from. Side panels made of glass are very common for front doors. The decorative glass will help to make a statement at the entrance to your home and is a great conversation piece.

Front doors are usually more formal, so for the interior doors, you can be a little bit more creative. Feel free to experiment with paint, ornaments and other items to create a unique door that is in keeping with the overall design of the house, but isn’t as formal as the front door.

Are your interior doors plain and boring? Or have you found creative ways to make them interesting?


12 Photos of the Say Goodbye To Boring Exterior And Interior Doors

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