Installing New Windows At Home

Palladian Window Ideas

Installing new windows is one renovation activity that will instantly change the interior atmosphere and exterior appeal of your home. If you are planning a small-scale renovation project, your windows are one area to consider working on a some point. As easy as the window installation process may seem, there are a number of things that must be taken into consideration.

If you are a novice at installing windows, we have put together a list of things for you to be aware of and take into consideration when installing new windows.

1. Maintenance. Curvy frames and exotic designs will make the window and the room look beautiful, but, they are difficult to clean. The type of glass is also another factor to consider – some can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth, while others require extra attention when it comes to cleaning.

2. Efficiency of the window. Look out for the energy performance rating of the window you plan to install. Is the window likely to leak air? How will this affect your energy bill? For instance, if the glass is very effective in transferring the energy from one side to the other, the efficiency of your air condition unit or heater will be affected.

3. Size of the window. Be sure to measure your window properly to ensure that it will be a perfect fit for the hole in your wall. Even a small gap will cause the window to be ineffective.

4. Importance of drip cap. Installing a drip cap is a laborious process, but it will help to direct the water away from the top of the window and reduce the chance of leakage. It will also help to increase the life of the window.

In addition to these tips, it is important for you to know which brand of windows are being used and what are the terms of purchase. Is there a warranty on manufacturer defects? Be sure to choose a trusted contractor to handle the job of installing the windows if it outside of the scope of what you think you think you are capable of handling.


12 Photos of the Installing New Windows At Home

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