Innovative Backyard Design Ideas For Small Yards

pool design ideas for small backyards

Whether you live in an apartment or a house with a small backyard and patio, there are many backyard design ideas for small yards for you to choose from. You must, however, choose a design that will go well with the shape and size of the backyard.

Below are some innovative ways you can use your small space to create something amazing.

1. Containers

With backyard design ideas for small yards, every inch of space counts. Whether you are a lover of flowers or herbs and vegetables, a container garden is a great way to maximize your space. Use terracotta pots arranged in a group, in corners or along walls outside to grow your plants. Containers are available in a variety of different styles and shapes, and will help you to add some charm to your property. When placed at different heights, container gardens give a sense of depth and contrast.

2. Furniture

Backyard design ideas for small yards with tasteful furnishings will help to transform a small area into a warm and friendly place to relax. A small table with two chairs is all you need to create a comfortable place to enjoy a drink or eat outside. Where possible, use long benches that will seat a larger number of persons, instead of bulky outdoor sofas and lounge chairs. For items such as outdoor grills and fireplaces, invest in smaller pieces that can be tucked away when not in use to create more space in your backyard.

3. Lighting

Hanging lights or lanterns will help to illuminate your backyard.  Try to position your lighting fixtures in an area where you will be able to benefit the most. Use lights that can be hung overhead or mounted on the wall to free up as much space on the ground as possible.

If you are determined to create a unique look for your backyard, then you must check out these backyard design ideas for small yards.

12 Photos of the Innovative Backyard Design Ideas For Small Yards

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