Gothic Home Interior Design Ideas

gothic interior design

Gothic home interior design is a trend that is both hated and loved across the world. It is targeted to a very specific audience. Gothic designs often include pale red roses, Medieval furniture, candlesticks, chandeliers and other times from the Middle Ages.

There are other variations of Gothic designs, such as Victorian Gothic, which is less imposing than the rest.

In this article we’ll share Gothic home interior design concepts for you to consider.

Gothic Room

If you enjoy entertaining guests, you can create a Gothic room using large oak or mahogany furniture, and paint the walls in earth tone colors. Install wooden flooring and use tall candle holders with candles on the table. You can also opt for glass doors, painted iron windows and stained glass. The Gothic style can be very romantic and edgy. In the rooms, use large four-poster beds and old world designs, and rich fabrics such as satin, silk and velvet to add to the edgy look of the room.

Lighting should be as low key as possible. Use lanterns and candles hanging on the walls to barely light up the room.

Gothic Garden

Who says the Gothic style must be confined to only the indoors? For the perfect Gothic garden, plants such as jasmine and roses are a must, along with other exotic flowers that are strange and visually stunning. For the accessories, invest in a few fountains, statues of gargoyles, and huge concrete or iron arches.

Gothic Bathroom

The Gothic bathroom should display elements of both darkness and light. The floor may be black and white, with dark paintings and large mirrors to further elaborate on the Medieval-inspired decor. The shower curtain and other bathroom accessories may include pictures of mythical creatures.

Gothic Kitchen

In the kitchen you can go ahead and play with a variety of materials, maintaining a rustic atmosphere. Try to find furniture, shelves and cabinets that include stones, stained glass and wrought iron for your Gothic home interior design.

Are you into Gothic designs? What unique pieces have you included in your decor?

10 Photos of the Gothic Home Interior Design Ideas

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