Ideas For A Closet In The Bathroom

walk in closet in the bathroom

Are you searching for innovative ideas for a closet in the bathroom? Have you ran out of storage everywhere else in the house and want to maximize the extra space in your bathroom?  Then these closet ideas are just for you.

If there is only one bathroom in your home, then the storage space in the bathroom will probably need to serve more than one individual. Consider setting up the closet with partitions to allow each person to have their own space. If the aim of the closet is simply to store general items or products, then your only concern is to make sure the closet is designed in such a way that it will not hamper persons using the bathroom.

The bathroom is great for storing clothes, towels, bath oils, shower gels, and other toiletries that are used often. You can also use your closet to store Christmas decorations, rugs, shower curtains, and other home accessories. The iron and ironing board may also be stored on a shelf or wall inside the closet.

Drawer space is necessary in your closet in the bathroom, even if you have drawers and cabinets under your sink. You may use the drawers to store feminine hygiene products that you do not want to expose to everyone else in the house. Bottles of shampoos, conditioners and lotions that are not being used can also be stored in the drawers. Excess emergency items such as alcohol and cotton swabs can be tucked away in the drawer as well. Try to avoid storing medication in the drawers. Medication should be kept in high cabinets, out of the reach of small children and animals in the home.

On the lower levels of your closet, store your extra cleaning products that will not fit under the bathroom sink. Also, you may store shoes that are unable to fit in the bedroom closet. Be reminded though, that the bathroom is a moisture heavy room, and you must find ways to reduce the amount of moisture that is likely to get into your closet. This can be done using silica gel, an exhaust or a dehumidifier.

The closet door in the bathroom may be used to store some additional items. This is a great place to hang bathrobes or clothes to be worn a second time. You could also hang a fabric organizer, to keep your makeup and travel kits in order until you need them.

What are your thoughts on bathroom storage?

13 Photos of the Ideas For A Closet In The Bathroom

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