Ideal Lighting Arrangements For The Home

Crystal Chandelier In Foyer

The arrangement of lighting in a room has a direct impact on how the entire space is perceived. Here are a few ways to maximize the lighting arrangements in your home.

1. Natural light. Natural light plays a significant role in the design of a house for a number of reasons. For starters, natural light opens up a room and helps to make it feel larger, more open and airy. Depending on which way the windows are facing, an abundance of natural light flowing throughout the home can help keep your utility bills low by reducing the need to turn lights on during the day.

2. Central lighting and accent lighting. Having a proper balance between a central light source like overhead lighting in the center of a room with accent and task lighting can help create a foundation from which a well-designed room can be built. Such lighting arrangements usually include a large chandelier and wall sconces.

3. Varying Wattage and Color. Another way to impact a room’s lighting is to vary the brightness and color of the different lighting elements in the room. For instance, newer clear/white light bulbs of a higher wattage would be more ideal for central lighting to improve the overall visibility in the room. However, a softer yellow light that comes from the traditional light bulbs are more suitable for reading lamps on accent tables. Softer, dimmer lighting helps to create a calm and soothing environment that makes it easier to transition into bedtime.

The same design, the same furniture and the same layout can appear drastically different depending on the lighting arrangements.

Our gallery below highlights a number of different lighting options, from chandeliers and wall sconces, to task lamps and pendant lighting. Check it out!

12 Photos of the Ideal Lighting Arrangements For The Home

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