How To Restain Kitchen Cabinets

how to restain kitchen cabinets

How to stain kitchen cabinets is one of the things that homeowners research all the time.  Remodeling your kitchen can mean changing counter tops, painting walls, and changing accessories. Unless you include your cabinets, the remodeling of your kitchen may not have the desired effect. Changing the finish on the kitchen cabinets can give you that new look you are seeking. Staining your cabinet may require disassembling all the parts, then removing the old finish before applying the new one.

How to stain kitchen cabinets following all of these steps will take a great deal of time, however it is really the best way to achieve uniformed results.


1. Cover the floor and countertops with a piece of cloth. Tape or glue down the cloth to secure the cover in place and prevent slipping.

2. Draw your cabinets on paper with a pencil. Make each handle and hinge on the sketch with its own number.

3. Remove the drawers of the cabinets and put them aside. Loosen the hinges with a screwdriver and put the doors on one side.

4. After removing the handles and the hinges, clean each piece with steel wool and with a soft, dry cloth.

5. Glue a small piece of tape on each piece of the hardware and label each piece of hardware with its own identification number for your drawing.

6. Sand the wood surfaces of the drawers, doors and cabinets with fine grain sandpaper. Clean wood with soft, dry cloth.

7. Sprinkle all surfaces of doors, drawers and cabinets with primer. Keep the spray nozzle 12 inches (30.48 cm) from the surface.

8. Apply enough primer to cover every surface with a thin layer.

9. Cover all primed surfaces with two thin, even coats of paint.

10. Turn the spray nozzle from side to side as you spray in short bursts. Let each layer dry completely before proceeding.

11. Allow the painted cabinets to sit for approximately 24 hours.

12. Reassemble the cabinets in the same order they were disassembled. Remove the tape and protective fabrics.

Now that you have learnt how to restain kitchen cabinets, will you give it a try for your next DIY project?

12 Photos of the How To Restain Kitchen Cabinets

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