Bold Interior Design Styles

interior design styles

Bold interior design styles are not specific to any one type of decor. Whether classic, traditional, modern or contemporary, there are a number of ways to create bold designs in a specific room, or throughout the entire house.

Here are a few things to consider when trying to create a design that is unique and uninhibited.

1. The Ceiling – From huge beams across the roof, to magnificent chandeliers and lighting fixtures, your ceiling can easily be transformed from plain and uninteresting, to bold and eye-catching. For the more adventurous homeowner, a mural will definitely add to the intrigue.

2. The Walls – For bold interior design styles, patterns on the walls are recommended. Use painter’s tape to create stripes and other designs. Use strong, unexpected colors to match the theme of the room. Elegant wallpaper designs may also be considered. Where the walls are heavy on design elements, use sofas and furniture with solid fabrics and designs to tone things down a bit.

3. The Furniture – An important part of a bold design is the furniture. Use over-sized, well-crafted pieces of furniture in your design. Leather and wooden pieces of furniture are ideal in this scenario.

4. The Accessories – Unique accessories sourced from overseas markets should be considered. It is very unlikely that these items will be in your local furniture store and in the homes of your friends and colleagues. This is a great way to make a statement and start a conversation. From artwork to accent chairs and keepsakes, your decor will no doubt be superior to the usual cookie-cutter designs seen in magazines.

Show us the bold interior design styles you used in your home. Where did the inspiration come from?

12 Photos of the Bold Interior Design Styles

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