House Painting Color Combination

yellow room

Choosing colors that blend well with other colors to create the perfect mix is not easy. The wrong blend of colors can provide very strange results that can take away from the overall decor.

Each color tends to evoke a particular feeling and is an important consideration when choosing colors. Here are a few pointers to note when choosing colors for your home:

  1. White can be combined and matched with any color. If you are someone who enjoys a clean, crisp interior, white gives the  impression of space and simplicity. Too much white can, however, give the impression of hostile, sterile, cold and rigid. Your home is not a hospital, so be sure to complement white walls and white-themed decor with colorful accessories and furniture.
  2. Gray suggests simple and easy-going. Be careful not to use it excessively. Like white, too much grey can give the impression of cold and rigid.
  3. Black tends to give the impression of  elegance, gallantry, and power. It is not recommended that you use this color in a large room, as it can also be interpreted as Gothic and depressing. If you live in a tropical climate, please note that black tends to attract mosquitoes.
  4. Yellow gives the impression of energy, passion and luxury. It is usually identified with the color gold as a symbol of prosperity. It is a good option for your work space.
  5. Orange gives the impression of cheerfulness, happiness and warmth.
  6. Green is close to nature. It gives the impression of naturalness, calmness, relaxation and tranquility.
  7. Brown is among the most favored colors because it is warm and comfortable. You can apply it in a room that is extremely large.
  8. Blue is also a popular color among homeowners. Sky blue and turquoise tend to be associated with quiet and calm. Blue tends to make a small room feel less cramped. It is suitable for your bedroom or reading area.
  9. Purple creates the impression of luxury, elegance, and greatness. In addition, this color is also able to create a sense of calmness in a room.
  10. Pink in its various shades can create a calm atmosphere, as well as a fun, whimsical environment. The lighter the hue, the more calming the effect.

What is your favorite color? Which painting color combinations would be most suited for your home?

12 Photos of the House Painting Color Combination

yellow roombrown livingroompink room designorange minimalistliving room brown paintgrey livingroomgreen wall paintgreen bedroomblue paintblack and white living roomwhite kitchenpurple dining room

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