The Hottest Design Trends For Swimming Pools This Year

Ideas For Swimming Pool Design

The swimming pool industry is growing each year. Nowadays, every home with space has a swimming pool in most of the homes in the United States. The allure of having your very own personal swimming pool is one of the biggest reasons why so many people have been considering purchasing them. There have been lots of trends that have developed as it relates to the types of swimming pools designs. Below are some of the hottest design trends for swimming pools this year.

Glass tiles for swimming pools

This may seem like a normal enough upgrade for your swimming pool, but the overall change in the design and appearance will offer something unique. They are considered to be a better solution to ceramic tiles, since they are more durable then ceramic tiles. There are also several colors that are available when it comes to glass tiles in swimming pools, which add another dimension to the pool. Some people use them cleverly in order to complement the overall design of the pool by having these glass tiles placed at the very edge of the hot tub area.

Attached hot tubs

When it comes to swimming pool designs today, there is a common feature among them. Many of them have a hot tub or whirlpool right beside the pool. It is one of the hottest design trends and it seems to have gone viral, since no swimming pool is considered to be complete without a hot tub beside it these days. Hot tubs are now elevated to provide a better view of the pool and there are some designs which have hot tubs that appear invisible. Others place their hot tub along the walkway leading to the pool.

Exercise and wellness swimming pools

There are quite a few pool designs that have been designed with exercise and wellness in mind. People are growing more health conscious and as such have started designing swimming pools that are made for exercise and water sports. Some pools are usually small in size and have a resistant jet right at the very end of the pool, allowing you to swim easily in a confined space without really moving much in the water. These swimming pools are often built indoors, but can be built outdoors as well based on your preference. There has also been a rise in the popularity of lap pools. They offer owners with large amounts of space the opportunity to create an aesthetically pleasing pool that can be used for exercise.

Geometric design for swimming pools

One of the most popular trends in swimming pool designs has been the geometric design. These free-form swimming pools are everywhere, since it allows the owners to design their swimming pool in whatever shape or form they desire. Some of the most common shapes are circles, squares and rectangles, and it seems it won’t be long before there is a triangle thrown among them as well. These geometric pools allow for more space in the backyard and the size of the pool may range from small to medium.

Here are some swimming pools in our gallery below to consider for your large or small property.

12 Photos of the The Hottest Design Trends For Swimming Pools This Year

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