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Small Library Display Ideas

If you are a book lover, you must have collected plenty of books in your life. Some may be under your coffee table, some stacked on the nightstand and some haphazardly kept in various cabinets. This not only makes your home look untidy but this also means you never find the book you are looking for. If you are a true book lover, you should not treat your precious collection so callously. It is time to come up with some home library ideas and give your books a proper shelter. You do not need a palatial house to incorporate a home library design, sometimes a little bit of ingenuity helps.

For Larger Spaces

If you have an extra room, you could go all out for a full-fledged library design. When it comes to home library ideas, wood and leather have always been the classic choice. The rich woody scent mingled with the distinct smell of books blend to form the very typical ‘library’ smell. Some people really like this library smell and want to incorporate that into their home libraries too. Those of you, who want a slightly more modern style, can opt for asymmetric shelves, white décor and interesting furniture. The different colored book spines against the white backdrop give an interesting look. But you might want to hang on to the leather chair!

For Smaller Spaces

The problem with modern homes is that there is hardly ever space for a full library these days. We need to make do with the little space we have. Thus in case of smaller spaces, it is even more necessary to get organized. Now your library skills may not be the best in the world, but it will get better with practice. How you organize your library depends on you and your collection. If you have many books of the same author, then it makes no sense to arrange the books according to authors. Then an alphabetical approach can be taken. The main concept is to club several books under the same head – the heads will depend on your collection. Make sure you categorize intelligently so that there is no disparity in space management. That is, one part should not be overflowing while other stays empty.

For Integrated Spaces

Often, we do not have even the smallest room at our disposal and we need to integrate the home library design into the available space. In that case, you need to use clever library display ideas to make the most of the space. For an open planned house, using a book case as a room divider could be an excellent way to use space. Try and store shorter books on the higher shelves to reduce too much visual barrier. You would not want the room to look too stuffy.

Whatever the home’s design, with a little ingenuity, you can install a library. Just make sure you keep in neat and clean and do not let it grow so big that it dominates the rest of the house.

12 Photos of the Home Library Ideas for Different Spaces

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