Characteristics Of Gothic Architecture

Romanesque and Gothic Architecture Ceilings Design

Gothic architecture is simply not for everyone. This style of architecture is said to have originated in Europe, specifically in France. It came about in the late medieval period and was an offshoot of Romanesque architecture. Gothic styles were very common between the 12th and 16 Century, and include elements such as a ribbed vaults, flying buttress and pointed arches.

Which buildings were commonly designed using this style of architecture?

A number of popular landmark buildings in Europe were built using this type of architecture. Some of  those buildings include cathedrals, churches, abbeys, palaces, castles, guild halls, town halls, universities, and of course, some private homes as well.

When it comes to bringing Gothic architecture into a residential setting, one of the biggest concerns centers around social acceptance. Some communities may not be delighted to have a Gothic style house constructed in their neighborhood, out of fear that their properties will be devalued. Gothic style is often misrepresented and shrouded in negativity by some groups in the Western world.

To combat challenges with exterior Gothic architecture, a homeowner looking to embrace this style of decor can achieve this decor theme on the interior of their homes. Elements such as the color paint used on the walls, Gothic art and accessories can all be used to create the desired atmosphere inside the house, without needing to have the Gothic architecture appearance on the exterior.



Gothic Revival Architecture Home in America

Would you design your house using Gothic style architecture? Share with us some of the things you would do to make your house really stand out.

40 Photos of the Characteristics Of Gothic Architecture

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