Foyer Design Ideas

Entryway to Home

Foyers are more than just the entryway into your home. They are the first glimpse guests into your home will have. And in case you haven’t heard, first impressions are everything.

Think of the foyer as the main lobby of your home. As with many main lobby entrances, there are a variety of elements that make for a beautiful and functional foyer.

Display Collectibles and Other Treasures

One option is to treat your foyer as a gallery to display any art you may have collected or any items you may have picked up along your travels. As guests enter your home, these interesting pieces will serve as conversation pieces and gives them a bit of insight into your personality and interests.

Central Tables

If your foyer has the space, a central table is a traditional option that acts as a focal point from which visitors can view begin to view other elements of the foyer’s design as they flow from the entryway to other areas of your home. Large central tables are a beautiful base to display vases, fresh flowers, trinkets, coffee table books and more.


For those who need a more functional entryway, seating in the foyer is almost essential. For example, having the option to sit down and place put on rain boots (without having to do this while standing and avoid tipping over) or while waiting on other members of the family to get ready is a great convenience.


Lighting in a foyer is an important aspect to consider. Too dark and the effort you placed into the different design elements will go unnoticed. Too high and the light may not be distributed evenly throughout the space and can cast awkward and unsightly shadows.

Aside from the light itself is the actual light fixture plays a large role in the overall look and feel of your foyer. Crystal chandeliers aren’t known for creating a relaxed atmosphere. Light fixtures set the tone.

Console Tables

Ideal for narrow entryways, console tables placed flush against the wall are great for organizing the miscellaneous items that are often misplaced. Bowls that can hold keys, loose coins, etc. are good fits for console tables and can make things a bit less stressful by keeping things in one place.

Homes can’t introduce themselves to others the way you do, so the foyer introduces the home to visitors. Do all you can to make sure that your home is putting its best foot forward and is presenting itself in the best way possible.

12 Photos of the Foyer Design Ideas

Entryway to HomeLarge FoyerFoyer Storage BenchModern Foyer DesignArt in the FoyerHome EntrywayArt in EntrywayWhite foyerBright FoyerLoft EntrywayHouse FoyerEntryway Seating and Storage

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