The 4 Trends Of Driveway Redecoration

Driveway Design Ideas

For most people, the driveway is just that boring part of the home’s exterior on which their car drives or is parked during the non-winter months. However, the driveway can add a lot of aesthetic value to your house and the lawn. If you are planning to redecorate your house, you might want to consider adding driveway redecoration on your list of things to do.

Below are four options to consider for renovating your driveway.

1. Bricks. If your décor is European or modern, then you can create a brick driveway. Though it is a painstaking and long process, it will add considerable dimension to your house. You can arrange the bricks in many different patterns according to your personal preference. In addition, there are a number of different colored bricks to choose from to help in creating your design.

2. Grass. If you have a high-end home, the bricks are not necessarily the best option for decorating your driveway, although some homeowners have a special liking for bricks. Patches of grass in a honeycomb or checkerboard pattern would help you cover the ground and also make your lawn and driveway look beautiful, especially during the spring. The only disadvantage is that the grass driveway needs a lot of maintenance to look fresh at all times. Occasional watering would become necessary to keep your driveway alive.

3. Stained concrete. Concrete is a versatile option for driveway redecoration.  You can pick your own pattern for the stained concrete, and you can use smaller concrete tiles to create a pattern if you so desire.

4. Cobblestone. This will work well for all kinds of décor themes. It is, however, a great pick if your home is a traditional home or in a suburban area. You can either buy new stones for your driveway or use the ones that you collected from a recently demolished building, or bought recently at a yard sale. Finding the right stone is not an easy task, but will give your driveway a different look.

If you are not a DIY person, it is better to contact a professional to assist you with such a project. It is very common that people intend to save a few dollars and start to do it themselves. However, in the end, they end up wasting the materials and time, doubling up the cost. Make sure to pick the right service provider. It might be just a driveway, but, it is one of the first things that people notice when they visit your home.

These are just a few driveway ideas using the more popular bricks, grass, concrete and stones for the design. You can create and renovate your driveway with your own ideas, or ideas you copied from other sources.

Check out the driveway redecoration ideas in our gallery below.

12 Photos of the The 4 Trends Of Driveway Redecoration

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