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With warm weather usually comes the need to spend as much time entertaining outdoors as possible. Maybe this is because of all the time being pent up indoors for months of inclement weather or maybe it comes from a desire to get as much out of the warm weather because you know it will be over before you know it.

Whatever the reason, one of the best ways to get the most out of warm days is to entertain by dining outdoors. Successfully entertaining and dining outdoors requires a bit more planning ahead than hosting dinner indoors.

This guide will help walk you through the steps necessary to pull off a great dinner party outdoors.

Make It Tolerable (Deal with the Bugs)

If you’re going to be spending any significant amount of time outdoors, it is essential to address the inevitable pest problem. Because nothing ruins time outdoors more than festering mosquitoes that are having a dinner party of their very own.

There are many options for dealing with mosquitoes and some of theme include citronella candles, tikki torches (which perform double duty as lighting when the sun sets on your event) and sprays that can be applied to common areas ahead of time.

Create Cool Areas

If your outdoor party will take place while the sun is still up, it will be important to create cool zones. If your backyard features a deck or other covered areas, then you may be alright (it ultimately depends upon how many people will be showing up). If not, consider placing outdoor umbrellas under which coolers filled with refreshing beverages will be stored.

Multiple Seating Options

Many of your guests will choose to stand up for most (or all) of your outdoor gathering. Just make sure they are standing because they chose to and not because they have no other place to sit.

If your backyard isn’t fully decked out with permanent seating options ideal for entertaining, it’s not that big of a deal. Purchase a few benches that can be arranged into communal-style seating (to encourage mingling) or choose among the multitude of individual chairs in any array of colors and styles to suit your taste and home’s style.

While there are many decorating and menu options to work out when you’re planning an outdoor party, these are the essential that must be covered regardless of the type of outdoor party you are planning on throwing.

12 Photos of the Entertaining Outdoors

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