Elegant Old World Style Homes

old world homes

The old world style homes are very traditional, yet very classic and elegant. Even if you add the latest technology and equipment, there are many ways to stay true to the beauty that is synonymous with designs from that era. These designs tend to focus on styles and colors that were very popular in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Europe. Although they do not necessarily follow specific architectural design, they still have that classic appeal.

The colors used in that time often included different shades of cream, burgundy, ocher, blue and forest green. Natural colors, metallic colors and bright sanded surfaces were also popular in the design of furniture and other parts of the house. The painted walls and wood furniture were often colored, sanded and repainted several times to create an antique finish.

Using those colors in today’s designs will give your home character that is similar to houses from the old world. The bows on doors and windows will have a more rustic appeal when combined with walls polished with a matte finish. The ceilings can be made using exposed beams, as was popular during that time. The tiles of old world style homes are usually not bright. Unpolished marble and limestone are also common features of classical architecture.

Antiques and wood furniture can greatly improve the interior appearance of a house that is styled old world. Accessories such as ceramic figurines, antique rugs mounted on the wall, and woven carpets and tapestries are a great addition. The kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms are the three areas in which modern technology can hinder your goal of achieving your design goal. You can overcome this by hiding modern appliances in cupboards and cabinets, or custom build casings for the larger items such as the refrigerator. This will allow your appliances to perfectly match your replication of old world style homes.

12 Photos of the Elegant Old World Style Homes

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