Design A Bathroom Medieval

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The Middle Ages are long gone, but many still find the decor appealing, and achieving a bathroom Medieval can be achieved by following these steps:

Step 1:

Now that you have decided to create a bathroom with influences from the Middle Ages, spend your time focusing on bringing the Medieval textures, colors and accessories to your bathroom. Do your research into what materials will help to portray this theme best, and also your options for substitutes.

Step 2:

To really achieve the bathroom Medieval theme, use furniture and accessories from the period for greater impact. Buy a wooden or copper bathtub, or consider remodeling an antique cast iron tub with Gothic feet. You may incur additional costs to replace your existing tub, as these older tubs may require a specialized drainage system to work properly. If you are building a totally new bathroom from scratch, you must speak with your builder and plumber about your intentions. If you prefer a shower, use stone tiles for the walls and the floor. For the toilet, try to find one with a wooden seat if possible.  Choose accessories made from brass, copper, pewter or brushed silver.

Step 3:

For lighting, use wrought iron chandeliers or sconces. Anything painted in black or made from iron will help to bring out the rustic Medieval theme. Stained-glass may be installed to help bring natural light into the bathroom, while providing some amount of privacy. If a real window is too much for your budget, imitate the look with glass paintings.

Step 4:

Use a variety of textures in your bathroom Medieval. Start with the rough appearance of the natural or synthetic stone tiles for the counters, cabinets and furniture. Soften the stone with lush fabrics for your curtains and towels. Add a good contrast with wood cabinets and metal accessories.

Step 5:

Use dark-colored accessories like towel racks and garbage bins to complete the look. Choose natural fiber mats or animal skin rugs  to complement the rough stone floor. Add large candles on iron stands for a dramatic effect.

How do you feel about a Middle Ages bathroom in your home?

10 Photos of the Design A Bathroom Medieval

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