Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

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Decorating ideas for small spaces can be a real challenge to brainstorm, even for the most experienced decorator. If your search for ideas comes up short, then you will have to get creative. Try to tap into your creativity to come up with your own ideas for decorating your small space. Start by looking into multipurpose furniture pieces that can serve a dual function. Invest in ottomans and benches that can be used used for both seating and storage. A sofa bed will provide a place to sit and a place to sleep if needed. A large trunk can serve as storage, seating and as a table to rest your magazines, lamps and other home accessories.

Your doors are also a secret gem. Use the space behind the door in your bathroom to hang a shoe rack or hooks to hang robes, towels, scarves, and even caddies with extra toiletries. The same shoe racks can be used in other areas of the home to help with organization. Create the illusion of space with your choice of paint color. Choose light and neutral colors such as cream, white and brown. Paint the ceiling a shade lighter than the color of the wall to make it look taller. Avoid dark colors at all costs. Dark colors will make the room look smaller, and isn’t a part of decorating ideas for small spaces you should follow.

Use accessories sparingly in small spaces. Too many accessories occupy unnecessary space and make your small space seem cluttered. Use accessories to add color to the room. Bright colored cushions will give a dramatic contrast to your light colored walls. Place knickknacks and small collectibles on shelves or use shadow boxes. Keep your window treatments simple. Avoid heavy valances and fabrics for your curtains and drapes. With these decorating ideas for small spaces, you should be well on your way to putting your own ideas into action.

12 Photos of the Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

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