Crushed Stone Walkways Plans

Shape Natural Stone Walkway in Crushed Stone

Crushed stone walkways are quite common in landscaping. Some homeowners create elaborate plans to include these walkways, while others simply create a plan as they go along.

Here are some interesting points to note about crushed stone walkways.

  • Crushed stone walkways are easy to plan. There really is no rocket science behind creating a simple walkway. The span of the walkway will be dependent on your need to access various areas on the property. You can choose to design a long and winding walkway, or a walkway that branches off into several different directions. If you have outdoor seating, then it may be wise to create a walkway that leads to each seating area.
  • They can be relatively inexpensive to implement. The thrifty homeowner will try to salvage crushed stones and even broken concrete that have been thrown out to use on their walkway. Some  great  sources for such materials are construction sites where a demolition was recently done, or anywhere a property is being renovated. Salvaging the stones can be as simple as having a quick chat with the contractor or property owner about removing some the debris off their hands.
  • Crushed stone walkways do more than simply provide walking space. They are very efficient when it comes to keeping your lawn in order. Once there is a walkway, your family members and visitors will be less inclined to walk on the lawn. This will help the keep the grass even and protect your flowers from foot traffic.


Crushed Stone Walkway with Stepping stones


How has a crushed stone walkway saved your lawn? How difficult was the process of planning and implementing a walkway on your property? We would love to hear from you!

11 Photos of the Crushed Stone Walkways Plans

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