Creative Under Stair Storage Design Ideas

unusual under stair storage closet

Maximizing space for storage is the priority of most homeowners. Hallways and basements are obvious choices to set up storage units. But what about under stair storage?  With careful planning, and a sophisticated approach to using up the space underneath your staircase, you would be surprised at what can be accomplished.

Here are a few suggestions on how to use the space under your staircase wisely.

  • Staircase bookshelf – With a few shelves, you can easily create a staircase bookshelf to display your collection of novels and magazines.
  • Linen closet – If you have ran out of storage space everywhere else in the house to store your bed linen and related items, a closet under the staircase will help to reduce your stress to find storage.
  • Broom closet – Hide your brooms, dusters and vacuum cleaner in your under stair storage. They will be easily accessible, but out of sight when not in use.
  • Built-in drawers – A series of drawers under the stairs will give you additional room to store just about anything. From extra batteries to spare bulbs and tools, do not underestimate the value your under stair storage drawers can add to your home.
  • A coat and shoe closet – Especially if your staircase is located next to the front door, a coat and shoe closet under the stairs will be perfect!
  • Home office – Depending on how much space you have available, you may be able to add a simple desk and chair to use as your home office.

Under stair storage can be a good solution for those of you who do not have any other space for storage around the house.

Under Stair Storage Bookshelves

Show us how you have used your staircase for storage! Where did the inspiration come from?

16 Photos of the Creative Under Stair Storage Design Ideas

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