Creative Cardboard Furniture Ideas

Unique Cardboard Chair Sheet

If you are looking to save money and try something unusual,  you can use cardboard tables, chairs and other furniture items as a cheaper alternative. They may only last a couple of years, but they are environment friendly and fully recyclable.  Many designers are now making cardboard furniture plans to showcase the versatility of cardboard.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of cardboard furniture.


1. Cost. The all-around costs associated with cardboard furniture is less. It costs less to manufacture, store and ship. In the end, it also costs the consumer less than furniture made from other materials.

2. Versatility. Cardboard in malleable, which allows designers to create intricate cardboard designs.

3. Recyclable. Cardboard from  old boxes can be recycled and used in the manufacturing of cardboard shelves, chairs and other items. This reduces the amount of waste that makes its way into landfills and the oceans.

4. Lightweight. Moving cardboard furniture around the house is easy, seeing that they are lighter than furniture made from traditional materials.

5. Easy Assembly.  Cardboard furniture is usually easy to assemble and requires little or no tools.



Designing Cardboard Furniture Ideas for Bookshelves.



1. Lightweight. Given that the cardboard is lighter than other materials, the cardboard furniture will not be able to support as much weight. A 250-pound basketball player may not be able to sit comfortably on a cardboard chair without it falling apart.

2. Durability. Prolonged exposure to moisture will cause the thickest cardboard furniture to decay over time.

3. Unable to re-purpose. When wooden furniture can be scraped, buffed and polished to look brand new, the same is not possible with cardboard furniture.


Would you invest in cardboard furniture?

20 Photos of the Creative Cardboard Furniture Ideas

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