Create Your Own Asian Paradise With Asian Architecture

best asian architecture

Do you wish to bring Asian architecture into your home? We have put together a number of tips you can use to convert different parts of your home into your own little Asian paradise.


If you spend a lot of time in your backyard, and often wish to be alone, then bringing elements of Asian architecture to your backyard is a must. This can be achieved through the placement of plants and other items in your backyard.

The greenery in your backyard will provide energy. Including a water feature, such as a pond or water fountain, and Asian-inspired statues to help in creating a tranquil space outdoors.

Living room

Use carved furniture with strong colors to decorate your living room. Orange and red in particular are very common. Keep the decorations modest, with only a few Asian architecture  inspired pieces such as paintings and other wall art on your walls.


Bamboo is very popular in the Asian culture. Accessorize your kitchen with bamboo utensils and place mats, and if possible, invest in bamboo counter tops or a similar type of material. Incorporate stools and Asian bowls into your decor to complete the look. Keep the Asian architecture theme alive with an indoor herb garden.


The bedroom is possibly the most important room in the house, as this is where you will spend most of your time recovering after a busy day. Use paintings with soft shades, bamboo furniture, and flower pots with bamboo plants to bring the Asian theme to your bedroom. Adding small Buddha statues in the corners of the room will help to set the tone in the room.


If your budget allows, install a sauna in the bathroom where you can relax and burn some calories. Keep the design as natural and rustic as possible.

Asian architecture designs are ideal for nature lovers and individuals who are interested in trying new things and pushing the decor envelope.

Are you inspired to use this theme in one, or several rooms in your home?

11 Photos of the Create Your Own Asian Paradise With Asian Architecture

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