Container Gardening Ideas For Summer

Pink and Yellow Lupine

At the beginning of the Summer Season in the Northeast most people, myself included, usually can’t wait to get outdoors and start gardening.  Instead of just planting directly to the ground, why not decorate decks, patios, walkways and steps with attractive perennials planted in decorative pots that can be put into the ground in the Fall and will continue to come back year after year as well! If you are partial to annuals such as Begonias, Gerbera Daisies, Petunias and the like, add a few in as well for the long lasting blooms.  The possibilities are endless! Hollyhocks, Foxgloves, Delphinium, Asiatic Lilies, Day Lilies, Lupine, and Forget Me Not plants are all excellent choices to add pizazz to any area and they transplant to the ground very easily.

Depending on how much sun the area you want to decorate gets determines the type of perennials and annuals to select.  It is important to read the plant tags which detail the type of lighting that particular plant you select desires.  I find that plants that like partial sun tend to be the most adaptable, but don’t be afraid to experiment.  In addition to flowering plants, you can incorporate herbs such as Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Tarragon and Mint and fruit bearing plants such as Tomatoes and Strawberries.  Not only do they look wonderful and are hearty but they taste delicious in fresh summertime dishes as well.

It is very important to use a good quality potting soil.  Potting soil is designed specifically for container gardening and should not be confused with garden soil.  The containers you use can be any type as long as there are holes for drainage.  Plants can get root rot and die if there isn’t proper drainage.  I tend to use a variety of different containers from ceramic, clay and even a whiskey barrel that I fill with Gladiola Bulbs in the late Spring and have beautiful blossoms by mid August.

When transferring your selected plants from the plastic nursery containers to the selected pot of your choice make certain the pot is at least twice the size of the nursery container.  Add a small amount of potting soil to the bottom of the pot then place the plant in to it adding more potting soil.  If the plants roots seem pot bound as they tend to be in their original containers, take a fork and and gently stab into the roots.  Continue to add soil until it is full and water the plant.  Lastly place the plants in your desired location and enjoy!



5 Photos of the Container Gardening Ideas For Summer

Pink and Yellow LupineMaroon Hollyhock in BloomDahlias in Full BloomImage of Blue DelphiniumEverbearing Strawberries In Bloom

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