Painting Concrete Floors For A More Finished Look

Basement Painting Concrete Floors Ideas

Painting walls is a common thing for most people. But how about painting concrete floors? Floor painting is a common practice for the floor of large public buildings and in some households, especially in garages, porches and basements. Floors may be painted in a single color, or as in some cases, designs and patterns may be painted on the floor, similar to that of a mural.

To achieve the best results with concrete paint, there are a few steps that should be carefully followed. The first step is the sandpapering and smoothing out process. This will help the floor to have a unified look and feel. Then, remove the dust and residue with a broom and wipe with a damp mop or cloth.  When the floor is dry, prime the surface with a coat of white paint. White is neutral and will help the floor to hold the final color better.

Painting Concrete Floors Basement

Then, apply the paint color of your choosing in one or more coats until the desired color is achieved, adding patterns where applicable. The floors may be painted using a brush or spray paint compressor. Allow the floor to dry  for a few days before adding furniture or walking on the area that was painted.

Painting concrete floors is a cheaper alternative to tiles and is just as durable. There is also the added benefit of changing the color of the floor with just a few coats of paint if so desired, for a fraction of the cost to replace the tiles.


33 Photos of the Painting Concrete Floors For A More Finished Look

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