Classic Interior Design Color Combinations

Bedroom With Classic Design

Mastering interior design can be a difficult task for non-professionals. After all, there are many factors that have to be considered. Perhaps the most important of which will be what color combinations will be best suited in the space. Every other decision, from materials to furniture selection and accent pieces, will be based upon the color you choose to use in the room.

By knowing a few popular, infallible color combinations, it will become almost impossible to go wrong with the overall design of your room.

Neutral colors

Neutrals consist of colors like tans, beige, light brown as well as black and white. However, we will cover black and white in its own section.  By using white as a balancing agent, neutral colors can be used to create a calm environment that is serene and relaxing without being boring. More information on working with these colors can be found in other articles on this site.

Black and white

Black and white  color combinations will work well in almost any situation, but they work especially well when it comes to interior design. This color combination creates a clean and sophisticated atmosphere suitable for modern designs. Why? Because the muted color scheme allows for other features to of the home’s structure or the room’s layout to shine instead of being overshadowed by bright and flamboyant colors.

Black and white is often seen in accent pieces, wall art and tile patterns. Be creative with how you implement black and white within your designs to create great impact.

More popular color combinations 

There are many other color combinations that are popular for use in interior design, which is clear when flipping through any number of home design magazines. Some of these color combinations include brown and sky blue, white and lavender, pink and green, blue and yellow more.

When deciding how to implement these color combinations in your home, review examples you may have seen in images that have caught your eye over the years. For example, soothing color combinations such as brown and blue, pale pink or yellow and white, are commonly used in nurseries. Bright blues and oranges are sometimes used in  children’s bedrooms, while combinations like lavender and white or muted greens and yellows are ideal for setting up relaxing environments in the bathroom or bedroom.

Trends are always popping up in the design world. To avoid having to rearrange your home every couple of years because you jumped on a trend that didn’t last, consider decorating your home in one of these classic color combinations.

See our gallery below for some ideas.

12 Photos of the Classic Interior Design Color Combinations

Bedroom With Classic DesignClassic Living Room DecorClassic Interior Of BedroomBeautiful Design For Classic BedroomGrey InteriorBlack Grey and White Interior DesignPink and Green Color CombinationWhite and Blue Color CombinationWhite and Black Design CombinationPurple and White Color CombinationNeutral Modern InteriorNeutral Interior

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