Cheap Bathroom Ideas For Remodeling

inexpensive bathroom ideas

Painting the walls and changing the floor in your bathroom are two options for cheap bathroom ideas. Cheap accessories from Home Depot or Walmart can make your bathroom look amazing for pennies on the dollar.

Here are a few suggestions for really improving the look of your bathroom.

1. Cheap bathroom ideas can start with painting the ceiling. Remove water marks and other stains by covering them up with a coat of white paint. Install a new, modern light fixture to really kick off the project.  Find a light fixture that uses the same or a larger base than the previous one, to avoid the need for repairs to the ceiling.

2. Paint three of the walls with a light color. Then, make the wall with the sink a focal point by painting it with a darker shade of the same color.  For example, use pale yellow on three walls and a golden yellow on the wall where the sink is located. If the sink is in good condition, consider changing the faucet.  Replace all hardware, including door knobs, towel bar, and toilet paper holder.

3. Is your floor in bad shape? Vinyl flooring is a cheaper alternative to ceramic tiles.  There are several 12″ x 12″ vinyl tile options at Lowes and Home Depot that look like real ceramic tiles, but for a fraction of the cost.  Remove the old floor and carefully examine the sub floor to see if it needs any repairs. Try to match the floor color with the color of the wall.

4. Add a new mirror or mirror cabinet over the sink. Buy an elegant lamp bar or built in mirror cabinet with lamp bar from your local hardware store.  These can be bought for under $100, and will add dimension to your bathroom.

5. Replace your old towels and linens with colors that match the new paint to improve the overall look. Install a shelf to display brightly colored folded towels. Include a vase with artificial orchids to complete the look of your newly remodeled bathroom.

If you are determined to create a unique look on a budget, use your own creativity to mix elements from our cheap bathroom ideas with your own ideas.

12 Photos of the Cheap Bathroom Ideas For Remodeling

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