A Law Firm With Game Room?

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Can work be mixed with play? Absolutely! A law firm is often thought of as place that is stodgy and boring. However, the firm does not have to be a boring place where workers go to ‘suffer’ on a daily basis. Integrating elements of play with work is good for helping employees to clear their heads […]

Modern Home Office Decorating Ideas

Elegant office decorating ideas 2013Luxury Office Decor Ideas Contemporary StyleSimple Creative Office Decorating IdeasFresh Modern Work Office Decorating Ideas

Nowadays, working from home is very common among employees and executives at all levels. This has given rise to the need for dedicated spaces in the home for work. In the mean time, as corporate organizations strive to be less stodgy and more friendly, offices are being redesigned to be as homely as possible. The hope […]

Ikea Desk For Students And Home Offices

Home Office Design For TwoDesk For Home Office In NYCStudent Desk With CabinetHome Office Desk IdeasBlack Home Office Desk

Comfortable seating while working is important. Although many of us tend to focus on the chair we use, the desk is also important.  Whether it’s an Ikea desk or a handcrafted piece from your furniture maker, having a proper desk does have its benefits. One of the obvious benefits of purchasing a desk is that […]

Swing Set Ideas For The Home: A Step-by-Step Guide Using Tires

cool swing set ideasswing set ideas for small yardsbuild your own swing set ideasunder swing set ideasdiy swing set ideas

Finding unique swing set ideas to transform your backyard for the summer could be the greatest gift to your family. One creative idea is to use old tires to design colorful swings. If you are short on used tires, your local mechanic or tire warehouse might be able to assist you in procuring a few. Turning tires […]

Cool Kids Beds For Boys

cool kids bedscool bed sheetscool beds cheapbeds for children's roomscool bed for a boy

Many boys like things that are interesting, especially cool kids beds. For kids, toys are the thing that they like best. In addition, they also enjoy anything that is adventurous and fun. As a parent, there is no harm in treating your son or daughter to a bed according to their liking. A bed is […]

Beautifully Upholstered Headboards For Bedroom

Custom Upholstered HeadboardsDIY Upholstered Headboard Traditional DesignCustom White DIY Upholstered HeadboardLuxury Upholstered Headboard DesignCustom Design Upholstered Headboard Furniture

Upholstered headboards are a great way to introduce something new into your bedroom. You can take full control of what you wish for the design to look like, and save a ton of money by doing the work yourself.  Custom upholstered headboards will make your bedroom look beautiful, and are a great way to re-purpose an […]

Unique, Antique And Historic Architectural Salvage

rosette architectural salvage house trimArchitectural Salvage in San DiegoArchitectural Salvage Old HouseUnique Sarasota Architectural Salvage

Salvage from demolished buildings or houses can be recycled into useful materials that can be used in your home. Architectural salvage is any item of architectural value that can be re-purposed and added to your own home, whether indoors or outdoors. Salvages from building materials can be used as decorative and functional pieces in the home. Wooden […]

The Kitchen As A Part Of The Interior Design

The kitchen as a part of the interior design

Why do so many homeowners and renters forget the kitchen as a part of the interior design when planning? Should the design work simply end after the large appliances such as the stove, refrigerator, oven and dishwasher have been added? You have spent hours deliberating over what appliances to purchase. Some shoppers prefer white appliances, others […]