Modern Rocking Chairs

Leather and Metal Rocking ChairRocking Chair Modern DesignRocking Chair ModernWooden Modern Rocking ChairBucket Seat Modern Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs usually drum up images of wasting hours away on Southern porches while enjoying gentle breezes and glasses of iced tea. While that is still an enjoyable activity, modern rockers have certainly come a long way and are suitable for more than just relaxing on the porch. Modern Design Traditional rocking chairs seen on […]

Beautiful Christmas Living Room Ideas

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It’s Christmas time, so here are some Christmas living room tips you must try! Beautiful Christmas living room – what you can create? 1 Create sparkling decoration 2 Mix classic and modern features 3 Brighten the room in citrus colors 4 Hang Christmas art 5 Mix the green with golden elements 6 Add tradition-inspired pieces to […]

Decorating Apartment Walls

How to Remove a Wall GraphicTextured Wall Design For Living RoomChildren's Wall GraphicJapanese Wave Motif Wall GraphicHorse Wall Graphic

Whether it’s a temporary or long-term solution, apartment living is something many of us experience at some point or another in our lives. As a result, most of us have experienced the limited design and decorating options that come with apartment living. The worst of which are the bare, white walls. This is because landlords […]

Modern Fireplace Design Ideas and Pictures

Electric Modern Fireplaces Design IdeasModern white living room with gas fireplace ideasModern Outdoor Fireplaces Design IdeasModern Fireplace Design IdeasModern Architectural Fireplaces Design Ideas from MetalFire

Fireplaces do more than just warm up a room or outdoor space, they also add life. With the modern fireplace design ideas that are common today, it is very easy to transform a room into an elegant space with a fireplace. Gone are the days of fireplaces that were dusty, dark and dirty.  Today, fireplaces are designed to […]

Home Library Ideas for Different Spaces

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If you are a book lover, you must have collected plenty of books in your life. Some may be under your coffee table, some stacked on the nightstand and some haphazardly kept in various cabinets. This not only makes your home look untidy but this also means you never find the book you are looking […]

Fun And Interesting Children’s Custom Blinds

Children's bedroom decor

Children’s custom blinds are an excellent choice to dress up the windows in a child’s room. Not only are they easy to maintain, but they are fun and will no doubt make the room a whole lot more interesting. Quite a number of blinds for children’s rooms are made from a special fabric made of 100% […]

Bungalow House Plans With Modern Designs

Story Bungalow Home Plans with 3 BedroomsTop Bungalow House Plans in Vintage DesignBungalow House Plans with Craftsman Design ElementsUnique Bungalow House Plans

Bungalow House Plans  A bungalow is a detached residential dwelling which features a low-rise veranda. They are usually constructed with dormers window and tend to be average in size. Bungalows tend to be popular in the United States, Australia and Britain.  The demand for this type of housing has resulted in more bungalow house plans being created […]

6 Roof Repair Mistakes To Avoid

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The foundation of any property is just as important as the roof. Over time, the roof will deteriorate and require partial or extensive repair work. Whether your roof is made of slate, terracotta tile, wooden shingles or concrete, here are some roof repair mistakes to avoid. Not replacing old shingles. Many homeowners try to take […]