Modern Rocking Chairs

Leather and Metal Rocking ChairRocking Chair for 2Modern Rocking Chair in Red FabricRocking Chair Modern DesignRocking Chair Modern

Rocking chairs usually drum up images of wasting hours away on Southern porches while enjoying gentle breezes and glasses of iced tea. While that is still an enjoyable activity, modern rockers have certainly come a long way and are suitable for more than just relaxing on the porch. Modern Design Traditional rocking chairs seen on […]

Unique Square Rugs

Large Bulgarian Square Rug 17' x 19'Herati Design Square Rug 10' x 10'Bulgarian Square Rugs 14' x 15'Impressive Design Square Area Rug

How to make a statement with square rugs Artwork on the wall makes for amazing statement pieces; so do exquisite pieces of furniture and architectural elements in a room. But what about square  square rugs? An interesting and unique square rug can be used as a statement piece in a room. Whether it’s the color of […]

Modern Table Lamps For The Living Room

crystal table lamps for living roomSingle Light Modern Chrome Table LampModern Crystal Table Lamps for Living RoomLuxury Lighting Modern Table LampUnique Modern Table Lamps

Table lamps are a common accessory used in most homes, not just for their ability to illuminate the room, but to complement the overall decor theme. Table lamps can be used in just about any room in the house, from the office, to the bedroom, living room, and family room. Modern table lamps are no longer boring and […]

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Designs And Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen Backsplash Tile IdeasKitchen Backsplash Uses Warm Elements ceramicClassic Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideasbright aqua blue glass paint blue painted glass kitchen backsplashCustom Kitchen Tile Backsplash Installation

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Designs And Ideas The kitchen tile backsplash serves mainly as an area to catch any grease that may spill from the stove during cooking. The backsplash used in the past were plain and simple. Today, backsplash tiles are elaborate, intricate and sophisticated, and serve more as statement pieces in the kitchen instead of an […]

Custom Wood Garage Doors and Panels

Modern Design Wood Garage DoorsBest Vintage Wood Garage Doors DesignFaux Wood Garage Doors Graphics CodeSolid Wood Garage Door with Full V-Groove Elliptical PanelLuxury Design Wood Garage Door

Wood is durable, elegant and versatile. For this reason, wood is commonly used for garage doors. Although it may not be as strong and steel and iron, there is a warmth that wood facilitates that isn’t available with those other materials. As a part of the exterior of your home, wooden garage doors can help […]

Gothic Home Interior Design Ideas

gothic interior designgothic interior design bloggothic interior design picturesgothic interior design tumblrgothic home interior design

Gothic home interior design is a trend that is both hated and loved across the world. It is targeted to a very specific audience. Gothic designs often include pale red roses, Medieval furniture, candlesticks, chandeliers and other times from the Middle Ages. There are other variations of Gothic designs, such as Victorian Gothic, which is less […]

Elegant Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Hand Scraped Hickory HardWood FloorsHickory Wood Plank Flooring With Pilsner StainNatural Hickory Wide Wood Flooring Engineered Hardwood FloorUnfinished Natural Hickory Wood Floors DesignHand Scraped Hickory Hardwood Floor

What is hickory hardwood flooring? Many homeowners enjoy a property that has a natural feel. Outside of being environmentally friendly, houses with a large number of natural elements are among the most elegant. The use of wood throughout the house on the walls, ceiling, floor and deck is only the beginning. For flooring, hickory hardwood […]

Entertaining Outdoors

Outdoors EntertainingPoolside EntertainingTikki Torches for the BackyardTikki Torch BackyardFurniture Setup for Outdoor Entertaining

With warm weather usually comes the need to spend as much time entertaining outdoors as possible. Maybe this is because of all the time being pent up indoors for months of inclement weather or maybe it comes from a desire to get as much out of the warm weather because you know it will be […]