Architectural Styles of Homes: Unique House Plans

Architectural Styles of Natural Homes PlansNeoclassical homes romanticize the architecture of ancient GreeceAmazing Modern Home Architectural Design StyleArchitectural Styles From Luxurious Tudor Vogue HomesClassic Design and Popular Architectural Home Styles

Great houses begin with great plans, and the architectural styles of homes is often where most of the beauty can be found. Some homes have elaborate designs, while others are simple and focus solely on functionality. Then, there are those houses that are designed specifically for shock value and conversation. Your choice of architectural styles of homes will be […]

Spectacular Architectural Lighting

Stylish modern outdoor patio architectural area lightingWonderful Architectural Lighting Area WorksArchitectural Lighting Works as the Sophisticated DesignArchitectural Area Lighting on BroadwayBeautiful Room US with Architectural Lighting Area

Architectural lighting is an interesting mixture of science and art which features designers using to create amazing showpieces both indoor and outdoor. For the residential homeowner, architectural lighting may be incorporated into the design of the house, or other elements around the house. For example, architectural area lighting may be used to illuminate a swimming pool, pond, lawn […]

Unique, Antique And Historic Architectural Salvage

Architectural salvage vintage faucet valve knobsrosette architectural salvage house trimColumbus Architectural Salvage - Antique Oval Pedestal SinkArchitectural Salvage Old HouseArchitectural salvage old iron barn hay hook Los Angeles

Salvage from demolished buildings or houses can be recycled into useful materials that can be used in your home. Architectural salvage is any item of architectural value that can be re-purposed and added to your own home, whether indoors or outdoors. Salvages from building materials can be used as decorative and functional pieces in the home. Wooden […]

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

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The top living room interior design ideas all started a plan – a plan to create something awesome and memorable. The living room is an important room in your home, and as such, you should spare no expense in making sure it looks amazing. There are a number of styles you can use in your […]

Closet Design Ideas For Better Organization

closet design ideas

Over time, the accumulation of clothing and accessories will exceed the storage capacity of your furniture.  Wardrobes and cabinets are a worthwhile solution that will allow you to be organized and be able to locate all your clothes and accessories with ease. If you are looking for closet design ideas, we have a few recommendations here for […]

Say Goodbye To Boring Exterior And Interior Doors

minimalist doorsmodels doorsdoors designexterior doorsRayn Properties Architectural Images

If you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, should you judge a house by its door? Doors come in a number of sizes, shapes, colors and designs. Exterior and interior doors do not have to be simple and boring. How can you make a statement with your door? Start with the size of the door. […]

Fire Pit Design Ideas For Backyard Transformation

firepit design ideas

On a cold autumn afternoon on a cool summer evening, sitting in the backyard with a fire pit is definitely something enjoyable. You can the time with your family or loved ones doing the things they enjoy the most. Whether you are grilling, playing, or simply relaxing, your backyard should be comfortable enough for you to not […]

Screened In Porch Design Ideas

What is a screened in porch? A porch is an extension to the front, side or back of the house that is typically open and void of walls. A screened porch is one that is entirely enclosed using protective mesh. Here are some of the benefits of having a screened in porch: Enjoy the outdoors, […]