Elegant Old World Style Homes

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The old world style homes are very traditional, yet very classic and elegant. Even if you add the latest technology and equipment, there are many ways to stay true to the beauty that is synonymous with designs from that era. These designs tend to focus on styles and colors that were very popular in the […]

Characteristics Of Gothic Architecture

neo gothic secular architecture style in polandFrench Gothic Influence on British ArchitectureGothic Revival in Islamic Architecture in CairoOld Gothic Architectural Elements BuildingsGothic Architecture Buildings

Gothic architecture is simply not for everyone. This style of architecture is said to have originated in Europe, specifically in France. It came about in the late medieval period and was an offshoot of Romanesque architecture. Gothic styles were very common between the 12th and 16 Century, and include elements such as a ribbed vaults, flying […]

How To Identify Victorian Homes

Modern old victorian homes picturesVictorian Second Empire Home StyleFor sale the Queen Anne Victorian houses in OsceolaBeautiful Victorian Style Homes Across Wayne County

Elements of Victorian House Architecture Plans Victorian homes first came about in the 1830’s during the Industrial Revolution. This type of architecture was very common among in the United Kingdom and British colonies at the time. Today, Victorian style homes and architecture can be seen all around the world. How do you spot a Victorian home? […]

How to Repair Window Screens

Replacement Screen FittingWindow Screen Molding NailingSmall Window Screen Hole RepairFinish Replacing the ScreenHole Patching for Window Screens

Window screens are great to have, especially during summer.  They help to prevent insects from entering your home, while allowing you to enjoy the fresh air coming through the open windows. The screens are however extremely fragile and damage easily. How to repair window screens? Repairing Small Holes Repairing small holes is quite easy to do. Simply fill small holes in […]

Stylish Speakers Used In Interior Design

creative speaker ideasSound as part of the interior

In the past, speakers were large, ugly boxes from which sound was emitted. They would often vibrate and were considered a distraction rather than something enjoyable. Fast forward a few years, and subtle, stylish speakers are the order of the day. Stylish and functional A living room without proper sound is incomplete. Most men are happy when […]

Give Dad a Break this Fathers Day

Well manicured yardhappy fathers dayCompletely Mowed LawnLawn MowerLining for flower beds

Dad does a lot around the house to keep things looking their best and in working order and Fathers Day is a time we set aside to recognize his efforts and let him know he is appreciated. While working in the yard and tackling other landscaping projects may be something many dads like to do, […]

The Best Flower Garden Tips

Odd Numbers of FlowersChoose Your FlowersIncorporate HardscapeFlowers and FoliageChoose Your Flowers

Adding a beautifully landscaped garden is not only perfect for summer, but it is a great idea for all year-round beautiful gardens. Here are a few flower garden tips to create beautiful garden that will definitely add value to your home. Choose the Right Flowers The best flower garden designs incorporate several types of blooms, including long-living […]

Innovative Backyard Design Ideas For Small Yards

landscaping ideas for small yard, small yardLandscaping Idea for a Small Yardbackyard design ideas for yardslandscaping ideas for small yard, small yardsmall backyard ideas, backyard

Whether you live in an apartment or a house with a small backyard and patio, there are many backyard design ideas for small yards for you to choose from. You must, however, choose a design that will go well with the shape and size of the backyard. Below are some innovative ways you can use your […]