How To Buy Window Treatments

Drapes And Blinds Window Treatment

Things to consider when buying window treatments 

Window treatments are more than just an element in your home’s design. They serve as an important function in controlling the amount of light that enters the space. This is no small task, largely because the amount and direction of the light entering an area directly affects the appearance and mood of the space. Naturally, starting with a blank slate is easier to manage than having to rearrange a preexisting layout.

When buying window treatments, it is important to consider:

  • The function you need them to serve
  • Colors and materials that complement your room’s design
  • Options that are environmentally friendly

Functions that window treatments serve

Window treatments can serve a number of functions from blocking out light to providing continuity and improving the overall look and feel of the room.

Plantation-style shutters are great replacements for the standard plastic white blinds and their broad wood construction makes them effective at blocking out sunlight when closed. However, they don’t offer much in the way of improving a room’s design features. As a result, they are often paired with drapes to cover the bland features and tie the windows in with the rest of the room.

As for purely ornamental purposes, window treatments serve as frames surrounding the views that enter into your room from the windows. As such, they naturally draw more attention than other elements in a room. Take advantage of this by incorporating bold colors and patterns for common areas where people tend to gather or by using neutral colors to create a more tranquil ambiance  for areas where relaxing is more appropriate.

Materials from which window treatments are usually made

Window treatments are available in an abundance of materials, from luxurious silks to more reasonable polyesters as well as practical cottons and linens. The type of materials from which window treatments are constructed have a direct effect on how extravagant or budget-friendly they will be.

Green options for window treatments 

For the environmentally-conscious, there are a number of “green” window treatment options available. Window treatments like honeycomb shades help to keep the the cold and wind from making its way throughout the room. Other green window treatments are those constructed from sustainable, low-impact materials like hemp.

However you choose to proceed with purchasing your window treatments, it has to be more aesthetically appealing than the bare windows or the dreaded traditional plastic white blinds.

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