How To Buy An Area Rug

Area Rug In Tropical Bedroom

When it comes to decorating and interior design, the walls get much of the focus. It’s only natural for the floor to be neglected. There are some types of flooring that are attractive enough to stand on their own. In some instances, however, beautiful flooring isn’t enough. If you find yourself always changing the design of a room or always rearranging the layout and swapping out accent pieces for a new look, then consider adding an area rug to your redesign arsenal if you haven’t already.

Why area rugs are important

Introducing a new area rug to a space can be the equivalent of changing shirts when you are in a different mood. Aesthetics aside, there are functional perks to having area rugs. One of them is the fact that they protect the flooring from heavy wear and tear and the impact of daily use. It is much easier (and cheaper) to replace a rug after it is worn out than it is to replace flooring.

Thing to know when shopping for area reugs

Another perk of having an area rug in a room is the beauty that the rug’s appearance brings to the decor and how it helps to tie the overall design together. Available in a myriad of colors and patterns, area rugs are also available in a variety of textures.

Synthetic nylons are ideal for those who like to continually mix up designs and change out rugs often, because they are as durable as they are affordable. If purchasing an area rug for a high-traffic area, consider purchasing one made of wool, which has natural stain-resistant qualities and can handle the demands of constant use. This means they will have to be replaced less often.

Before laying out your new area rug, be sure to lay down a rug pad first. Rug pads keeps the rug from shifting around. Many of you may already be familiar with how much of a headache it can be to constantly have to adjust and straighten an area rug. In addition, the rug pad will help to prevent sliding, which can result in deadly falls. The ability to keep the rug from moving lowers the wear and tear on the rug because there is less friction. This will result in you saving money in the long run, as your area rugs will last longer, or until you decide you want a new look, whichever comes first.

The gallery below has a number of cool area rugs on display in dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Check them out!

12 Photos of the How To Buy An Area Rug

Area Rug In Tropical BedroomLiving Room With Area RugDining Room With Large Area RugArea Rug For Dining AreaArea Rug with Single IconArea Rug with Geometric PatternShag Area RugPatterned Area RugPaper Shag Area RugArea Rug with Thick Shag PileArea Rug with Shag PileArea Rug with Pattern

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