Bungalow House Plans With Modern Designs

Classic Bungalow House Plans Ideas

Bungalow House Plans 

A bungalow is a detached residential dwelling which features a low-rise veranda. They are usually constructed with dormers window and tend to be average in size. Bungalows tend to be popular in the United States, Australia and Britain.  The demand for this type of housing has resulted in more bungalow house plans being created and circulated to meet the growing needs of property owners.

Not everyone will fancy a townhouse, high rise apartment or condominium. A bungalow offers the escape sought after by so many families. Of the many architectural house plans available, bungalows tend to be loved by families in the rural and suburban areas, where community living is encouraged. These communities are usually without large fences and enormous gates.

Bungalow house plans do not need to be boring. Designers of California bungalow house plans have found a way to infuse modern elements into bungalow designs. Entire communities have been developed using these modern plans that add flare to what were previously considered dated house designs.


Cabin and Bungalow Style House Plans

This design above, for example, is small, simple and was designed with space-saving characteristics. Small bungalows are suitable for small families or single individuals. Big bungalow house plans have become quite popular as homeowners crave more space to accommodate their need for entertainment, relaxation and of course, to accommodate their growing families.

Did you grow up or live in a bungalow currently? What do you find most intriguing about life in a bungalow? We know you have some amazing stories, so feel free to share them with us.

20 Photos of the Bungalow House Plans With Modern Designs

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